Welcome to Kosyman.com!

Health History

It's hard to believe this week is already over, not to mention the entire month of January! It has been a really slow go with getting caught up on things, but I did manage to get another article up on ObKbi812 Blog entitled Health History. Although it will eventually be revised, I figured it was worthy of uploading and have a couple more that should be up by the beginning of this next week.

Navigation and Pain!

It's heck getting old! After deciding that I would begin the new year with lots of articles and going through one of the worst sicknesses I can recall, now it looks like I might be suffering from a condition known as DVT, primarily from sitting at this computer for hours at a time and not getting exercise.

I'm also extremely stubborn and do everything by scratch, but on a positive not, I did manage to get some Breadcrumbs created for better navigation and a couple of articles written on ItAllWorksTheSame.com ~ hoping everyone is doing well ;)

Public Prayers

Please accept my apologies for taking so long to get back to the web development, but as some of you know, I have been very sick since October, and during the holidays my wife and I became very ill with yet something else that is still reeking havoc on our sinuses and chest. Two rounds of antibiotics, and we're still suffering. That said, I did manage to get something posted on Pure-Rights.org on the subject of Public Payers this morning after my Daily Devotional.

Running Behind:

As mentioned on KosyDomains.com, 2017 was to be kicked off with a brand new look and feel for this website and a handful of others. Sadly, during the holidays unforeseen circumstances have delayed these plans. That said, Happy New Year 2017 and please do check back soon for updates.